Arizona in Top Ten States for Stolen Catalytic Converters

A catalytic converter isn’t much to look at. To the untrained eye it looks a lot like a small rusty muffler. But, even though they aren’t much to look at they are filled with precious very expensive metals such as platinum, rhodium and palladium.

Thieves cut them off and sell them for quick easy cash—a lot of cash, even hundreds of dollars and if yours is stolen it will cost you a small fortune to replace it.

Arizona ranks 9th out of the 50 states in stolen catalytic converters. We have recently even been hearing of thefts right here in Buckeye.

The catalytic converter is an emissions control device that cleans up what comes out of the tailpipe and most vehicles would not pass an emissions test without one. They actually reduce gas mileage and in states that don’t require testing, like back in Illinois where I’m from, lots of folks just cut them off and replace them with a regular old piece of exhaust pipe. But, you can’t do that here, so if yours gets stolen you have to replace it.

For a diesel pickup truck a catalytic converter can cost as much as $3000.00! 

According to

“To reduce the risk of auto parts being stolen, consider these tips:

• Park inside a garage or in a well-lit area

• If a vehicle must be parked in a driveway, consider installing motion sensor security lights. While lights may not provide complete security, it may make some thieves think twice.

• Install a catalytic converter anti-theft device or an alarm system on your car.

To protect yourself, speak with your insurance agent to make sure the auto policy covers the theft of your entire vehicle or its parts through comprehensive coverage.

Thefts of converters has become an increasing problem in the Valley and nationally. During 2019, State Farm paid $4.3 million for 2,375 catalytic converter theft claims nationally.

During 2020 and at the height of the pandemic, State Farm experienced an increase of more than 318% in the amount paid compared to 2019 — more than $18 million paid for 9,320 claims.

During the first six months of 2021, State Farm has paid $21.4 million for 12,020 catalytic converter theft claims.
During  2020, State Farm paid just over $140,000 on more than 80 catalytic converter theft claims in Arizona.

During the first six months of this year (Jan. 1–June 30), State Farm has already paid over $443,000 for just over 300 catalytic converter theft claims in Arizona.”

I talked to my local State Farm agent and found that we personally have a zero deductible on comprehensive and theft, but a lot of people don’t and if you file a claim it can make your rates go up!

“In January 2019, rhodium was worth $2,307 per ounce, according to In January 2022, it is worth $15,294 per ounce. Thieves sell the catalytic converters, so the precious metals can be recycled into new products.” ~

“Catalytic converters have no identifying markings or serial numbers, and that’s what makes it frustrating for police. Once the part is off of a vehicle, there’s no way to trace it.” ~